About Onick
   Onick Optics (Wuhan) Co., Ltd., located in Creative World Park, Hongshan District, Wuhan, is a professional enterprise engaged in the research and development and sales of rangefinders, binoculars, night vision, thermal imaging, hunting cameras, speedometers.
   Product involved in security and police use, fire safety supervision, military and police counter-terrorism, border defense, emergency rescue, electric power, communications, water conservancy, environmental monitoring, key universities, scientific research units and other fields. At present, the company has obtained ISO quality system certificates and weapons and equipment quality management system certificates, as well as a number of patent certificates for its own intellectual property rights.
Outdoor Optical Experience
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   Whether you are capturing wild animals, a sports event or capturing a unique scenery trip, Onick outdoor optical products can present you with a perfect visual communication effect. At present, Onick's main products are: laser rangefinders, binoculars, night vision devices, hunting cameras, thermal imaging, laser speedometers, etc., which fully meet the professional needs of forestry, electric power, exploration, biological engineering and other industries.
Laser rangefinder
Night vision
Hunting camera

Onick comes from the word "Optics+ Nick", which stands for "Optics+ nitpicking". It means the pursuit of perfect optical quality. Since its inception, the ONICK brand has been committed to the deve...


Onick optics launched a new era of new night vision instrument ONICK S60 all-weather laser ranging night vision instrument, set together 6 core functions, is a set of digital telescope + infrared n...


Infrared thermal imager (thermal imaging night-vision goggles) is the use of infrared detector, optical imaging lens and light machine scanning system receives the infrared radiation energy distrib...

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